Decorative House Numbers in Handmade Tile

Our house numbers are terra cotta or white clay tiles formed and glazed by hand. These decorative house numbers are done in bas-relief (low-relief) to enhance their visibility and lasting beauty. Our tile house numbers and signs are fired to a temperature that will assure the natural beauty of their colors and durability over time. They are engineer-tested for freeze-thaw resilience to endure cold climates.

The rich, unique colors and textures of our tile house numbers create a small work of art for your home. Designs derive from architectural styles and ornamentation. We also use imagery from nature as decorative motifs.

Ceramic House Numbers: Style Options

Our ceramic house numbers are available in several sizes and styles: Arts & Crafts, Victorian, Traditional, and Shoreline. Several color options are available in each style of these ceramic house numbers. Visit our online showrooms to see all the choices. Order these beautiful ceramic house numbers for yourself or as gifts.

To Compliment Your Tile House Numbers: Custom Signs, Wood Frames and Lawn Stakes

We also offer Custom Signs you design yourself, two Welcome Signs styles, Wood Frames and our decorative wrought iron Lawn Stakes. Enjoy exploring all the options on our web site.

Commercial Property

Developers, building managers, owners, real estate professionals, architects and contractors, let us be your solution for beautiful door numbers, letters and interior and exterior signage for your project. Review our Commercial Property Developers and Designers information. Please contact us for information on multiple order pricing for our numbers, letters and signs.

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Rita and Colleen

Rocheford Handmade Tile